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About Possession with Intent to Deliver Charges in Chicago

Accused of possession with intent to deliver?

Possession with intent to deliver is a more serious charge than a simple charge of possession of a controlled substance. Depending upon the weight (addictiveness and potential for abuse of the substance), the amount, and other circumstances, a conviction may result in extended incarceration. It is crucial to quickly gain the assistance of a Chicago drug crime defense lawyer. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege which also serves the areas of Cicero, Berwyn and Evanston, will take immediate action to defend clients facing such charges.

Possession Defense Lawyer in Chicago

The consequences of a conviction of possession with intent to deliver, delivery of a controlled substance, and drug trafficking are severe, including extended incarceration and even forfeiture of property depending on the environment at the time and the amount and type of the substance involved. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney from the firm has first and foremost the goal of protecting the client's rights and fighting for their freedom, and understands the serious nature of the charges you are facing. Certain areas are considered protected zones, such as near parks, or schools, and if an individual is apprehended in the vicinity of one of these, the consequences can escalate.

The best time to challenge this accusation is before a charge has been filed. Many accusations have been dropped based on a violation of the Fourth Amendment at the time of apprehension. The burden is on the government to have followed correct procedure as described in the law. Dedicated criminal defense lawyers from Acosta, Batovski & Schmiege have long experience in challenging the methods used by law enforcement personnel, and will relentlessly explore every possible line of defense in your behalf.

Contact a Chicago possession defense attorney from the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege who are determined to win.